My dad grew up on a farm and they would always have about seven or eight barn cats. Since the cats roamed freely and received minimal vet care, and some would wander off when the group got too big, they were essentially feral. Said all the cats were necessary to keep mice from destroying everything. » 4/19/15 2:11am Today 2:11am

Lots of women wear headscarves as a cultural thing, or a religious thing, under their own choice. Girl in my high school was quite defensive about it. Considering I’ve seen her sisters go out without wearing ‘em, I doubt she was forced or anything. » 4/19/15 12:56am Today 12:56am

This time of year, there are a lot of barn swallows in my area and they also build little mud nests. When I moved into my current apartment, the balcony light had a side knocked out and there was a mud nest built into it. Barn swallow baby season comes and a pair move right in and lay their eggs. Lots of bird poop on… » 4/18/15 9:43pm Yesterday 9:43pm

Well-said. I do get rather annoyed at how many female characters are portrayed in video games, but I’ve never said the games shouldn’t be released. I’ve never seen anyone say a game shouldn’t be released on those grounds. These discussions are all about FUTURE games. » 4/17/15 6:30pm Friday 6:30pm

I don’t expect Jurassic World to be particularly good (I mean, it just looks like it’s gonna be okay. It probably won’t be outright bad but I doubt it will be good) but I’d be very surprised if it flopped. The movie has a lot of hype and lots of people think it looks cool. » 4/17/15 2:16pm Friday 2:16pm

This is a big reason I like The Hunger Games. Katniss isn't a chosen one, and outside of her skill with the bow (which she developed over years to survive) she's not a particularly "special" person. She gets into the Games by chance. She becomes the poster girl for a revolution not because she's truly a great rebel… » 4/16/15 7:08pm Thursday 7:08pm

I rather doubt it. This animal has JUST been discovered, and may not even represent a new species. Whalers aren’t gonna spend lots of time trying to track down and kill an animal that may not even exist. Do you know how hard it can be to track down marine life in the open ocean? The fact that this new whale is only… » 4/16/15 7:01pm Thursday 7:01pm

Have you guys ever been on a whale or dolphin watching boat? Animal pops up and people (including me. And you. Don’t deny it) start screaming. It’s fun. Pretty amazing that these animals induce child-like delight in just about everyone. » 4/16/15 6:07pm Thursday 6:07pm