I hope the bullying victims will be able to recognize this as what it is: "We don't care so we're not enforcing any rules". So that's code for, "Do whatever you want! I know it says not to defend yourself, but as is implied, we don't give a shiiiit". Take it as an invitation to use whatever crazy revenge you want. » 4/17/14 3:27am Yesterday 3:27am

I had a dream that I went to Hell, and then Heaven. Heaven was wicked awesome; there was this big white movie theater with gold trims and detailing, and it played every movie and the snack stand had whatever you wanted. If this kid never mentions a movie theater I'm going to assume he's a liar. Also, where's MY movie… » 4/16/14 2:04pm Wednesday 2:04pm

The people who support these things don't care. They delude themselves into thinking their own kids are never going to have premarital sex so it doesn't matter, and even if their kids do end up with a pregnancy, many can either abort it in secret or pay to care for the baby no problem. » 4/16/14 3:37am Wednesday 3:37am

That's kind of how I feel about the show. It very much feels like it was made more with adults in mind, though kids can still enjoy it. The stuff with Marceline and Ice King comes off as someone trying to deal with a relative suffering from mental illness. How many kids will pick up on that? The episodes that flash… » 4/15/14 6:44pm Tuesday 6:44pm

Yep. Scientists are actually starting to question the "never anthropomorphize animals" thing. Because of the way we define "anthropomorphize" means we can risk overlooking when animals DO act a way we consider human-like. We assume that certain traits are only seen in humans, so when we come across a situation where… » 4/15/14 3:05pm Tuesday 3:05pm

Awful, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Whenever the topic comes up people are always all like "Oh, take some self-defense courses!", but if you break a dude's wrist when he grabs your ass, you get charged with some BS "unreasonable force" thing. Girls don't get any good advice on what to do about these things... » 4/15/14 12:54am Tuesday 12:54am